Punta Mita Art and Culture

It is not surprising that the Punta Mita area, given its natural beauty, would be a hub of art and culture in the Riviera Maya. In addition to being present-day home to the Pre-Columbian Huichol (WEE-chol) Indians, who create and sell intricate handcrafted works of art, the area is also home to one of the area’s most dynamic art scenes.

Huichol Indians

Indian Peyote HuicholThe Punta Mita area is the home of the Huichol Indians, one of the last remaining links to pre-Columbian times. For centuries, the members of this tribe, who live high in the Sierra Madre Mountains, have kept alive the language, traditions and customs of their unique culture.  Huichol artists use peyote to invoke messages from their ancestors in the form of colorful visions, manifesting these visions in intricate yarn paintings, bowls and beaded masks. Huichol galleries are abundant in downtown Puerto Vallarta where visitors can learn more about the people and their art. Additionally, visitors are welcome to take a tour of a Huichol village high in the Sierra Madre Mountains to experience their culture first-hand.

Try Arte Mágico Huichol in downtown Puerto Vallarta (Corona 179) to find beautiful Huichol masks, clothing and yarn paintings, called Nierikas. Friendly Maho, who runs the gallery, will be able to give you the local history of many of the pieces.

Contemporary and Folk Art

Both the St. Regis Resort and Four Seasons in Punta Mita host rotating art exhibits throughout the year. The Galleria Corsica opened in Punta Mita’s St. Regis resort in 2013 and houses works from some of the most well-known contemporary and traditional Mexican and Latin American artists. The Galleria Corsica partners with other galleries on a national and international level to be able to offer some of the best pieces for the most discerning art aficionados. The Four Seasons Cultural Center has on display fine Mexican art as well and ArteMita, a local curator creates special exhibits and events for Punta Mita locals and resort visitors. The Cultural Center, located in the lobby of the Four Seasons, along with offering breathtaking ocean views, provides an educational opportunity for guests and visitors to learn about some of Mexico’s rich history and culture.

The María Bonita in downtown Punta Mita is the place to go for Mexican folk art, gifts and decorations for your home. They are carefully hand-picked from all over Mexico and form an eclectic collection of quality pieces. From the state of Chihuahua are clay pieces made by local artists who must go through a complex process of molding and drying the clay. On the walls are beautiful frames with stencils inside that would be perfect to take back to your home. If textiles interest you, Maria Bonita has plenty for you to peruse. Artists use intricate needlework to make clothing, tablecloths, table runners, handbags and more.

Halfway between Puerto Vallarta and Punta Mita is the small beach resort community of Bucerías (boo-seh-REE-ahs.) Take a day and peruse the many artisan shops in Bucerías, featuring local handicrafts from all over Mexico: clay figurines, glass pieces, jewelry, and textiles. Additionally, the weekly Bucerías Art Walk is a unique event in which over 17 local art galleries participate and show local and national artists’ work. If you’re interested, there are also workshops on art-related topics. Make your vacation here an opportunity to tap your own creativity! Restaurants and other shops join in the fun and participate to create a unique experience for locals and visitors. Try Arte Oaxaca to find colorful textiles such as rugs, bedspreads and bags. Or visit Casa del Artesano to peruse both traditional and contemporary pottery pieces as well as handcrafted woodwork.

Puerto Vallarta has been an artistic center since the 1950s. The surrounding natural beauty of the area has inspired national and international artists to want to create and show their works here for decades.  It is home to too many galleries and museums to count! In fact, there are more galleries here than anywhere else in Mexico, aside from Mexico City! The diversity offered in Puerto Vallarta’s art scene is one of the reasons it makes it so special. Visitors can find galleries featuring internationally acclaimed artists, local up-and-coming artists as well as handcrafted artisanal works from all over Mexico.

Art Walks

Every Wednesday during the winter and spring, you can take part in the Historic Center Art Walk, a self-guided tour that will take you to over a dozen galleries in the El Centro neighborhood. The majority of the art galleries in Puerto Vallarta can be found in El Centro.  In the same vein, every other Friday evening, the Southside Shuffle Art Walk takes place in Emiliano Zapata’s old stomping grounds—the Basilio Badillo Street neighborhood. Visit restaurants, galleries and shops and make an evening of it!

For days when you’ve had enough sun and are ready to venture out and try something cultural, explore the many art galleries and shops available to you in Punta Mita and surrounding areas. After a long day of exploring and shopping, make sure you have booked one of our luxury vacation villas, where you can kick up your feet, listen to the surf and let our staff do what they do best!